Philanthropic Thinking

Philanthropic Thinking

Why we say ‘funding opportunity’ instead of ‘charity’

By: Anu Khan & Rachel Baxter

We recommend a number of cost-effective, high-impact charities doing brilliant work, but we generally refer to our recommendations as ‘funding opportunities’. This is why.

Philanthropic Thinking

Funding requests: When to say no

By: Adriana Lowe

Even if you feel compelled to do good this Giving Season, you might be having a hard time deciding how best to allocate your limited resources. That’s where the Founders Pledge Advisory team comes in - we help you plan your giving strategically.

Philanthropic Thinking

How to give around an IPO

By: Alessandra Ferrari

A practical guide for pre-IPO giving for shareholding employees and alumni of a company in the process of going public. We cover essential considerations and offer strategies for maximizing the potential impact of your giving.

Philanthropic Thinking

Want to start a nonprofit? Think carefully before you do

By: Rachel Baxter

In this blog, we outline important points to consider before starting your own nonprofit, alternative ways to create impact and how Founders Pledge can help.

Philanthropic Thinking

Planning your giving with Founders Pledge

By: Danielle Gram & Layal Marten

How can entrepreneurs achieve real social impact? Founders Pledge outlines how to commit and plan for charitable giving, and account for wealth planning, tax benefits (including capital gains and income tax relief), and maximizing impact.

Philanthropic Thinking

Resources on racial justice for the Founders Pledge community

By: Founders Pledge Team

A list of topics and resources which have inspired our thinking on racial justice.

Philanthropic Thinking

How to think about giving during COVID

By: Danielle Gram

Points to consider when determining whether COVID is the only cause to give to this year.

Philanthropic Thinking

How to add Founders Pledge membership to your LinkedIn profile

By: Thea Thorsen

Founders Pledge is a global community of entrepreneurs finding and funding solutions to social problems. Here we demonstrate how members can highlight their commitment.

Philanthropic Thinking

Is silicon valley solving the problems that matter most?

By: Jeremy Le Van

A successful entrepreneur ponders the culture change in tech, and whether more effort is required for entrepreneurs to have real social impact. His conclusion is clear.

Philanthropic Thinking

Abuse of power comes as no surprise

By: Ieva Kajokaite

Now is the time to scrutinise the power structures of fundraising.

Philanthropic Thinking

Confess to giving

By: Ben Clifford

No one wants to be obnoxious about their philanthropy, but being vocal about it can actually multiply your impact. We break down how to be an advocate without seeming preachy.

Philanthropic Thinking

Why saving lives is more complicated than you'd think

By: Adam Millest

We’ve all seen the adverts: ‘an incredibly small sum donation could save a child’s life!’ But is it really that simple? And if we believe it is, does it affect our ability to really make a difference?

Philanthropic Thinking

10 startups reshaping business's impact on climate change

By: Alex Comninos

As the economy struggles to adapt, many tech startups are setting an example for how to be environmen friendly. These are the most promising new businesses tackling climate change right now.

Philanthropic Thinking

8 startups driving global financial inclusion

By: Alex Comninos

Is financial inclusion just another buzzword in fintech, or can it make a real difference to the poor? Our tech expert breaks down the most promising startups innovating on it right now.