Empowering Strategic Philanthropy


How we evaluate charities

Without the right support, the giving process can be opaque and confusing. Our research framework is designed to identify the most strategic opportunities for impact, so every member can donate with evidence and confidence. For more information on how we conduct our research, read about our methodology below.

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Prioritising Impact

Underpinning our methodology is the simple fact that the results achieved by different organisations vary significantly. Identifying the right ones is the difference between making a donation and having an impact.

Understanding Impact

The best entrepreneurs make business decisions backed by evidence and expertise. We do the same with charities. When we compare programs we use rigor and analysis, prioritising outcomes over outputs, and proven causal links over guesswork.

Multiplying Impact

Charities should compete on how much impact they have, not how good they are at fundraising. When we donate thoughtfully, based on evidence of strategic thinking and outcomes, we incentivise those practices within the sector as a whole.

The Value Discovery Approach

Explore Your Intrinsic Values

When it comes to philanthropy, there is no ‘one size fits all’. For Founders Pledge members who don’t already know where to give, our team helps find effective and meaningful focus based on their individual values.

We developed the Value Discovery Approach in order to dig deeper than the causes or charities a donor is already interested in. Instead, we focus on what a better world looks like to each individual, and the ‘intrinsic values’ that motivate them to give.

The result is a highly individualised donation strategy that combines both the donor’s core values and our expertise in maximising impact.

This process takes a different shape for each member, and depends entirely on where they're at in their journey. If they've already found their area of focus, we can provide the data and insights to uncover more effective giving opportunities. If they're new to donating, we can start at the very beginning, defining their aims and identifying the right focus for them.

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