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Human Rights in a post-truth world: a statisticians mission

How can we hold those in power accountable for human rights abuses? And what's algebra got to do with it?

In an enlightening 10 minute talk, Patrick Ball, the co-founder of Human Rights Data Analysis Group, explains the importance of a data-based understanding of the world when speaking truth to power: 'In order to capture the patterns of reality; in order to hold powerful people accountable; we first have to figure out what it is that we don’t know.’

About Patrick

About Patrick: Over his 25 year career, Patrick Ball has advised 9 truth commissions, 4 UN missions, and dozens of non-governmental organisations. He has testified against 3 former heads of state for war crimes, and received several awards for his work including from the ACM and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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Originally published on 9 March 2017

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