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Giving Tuesday 2018: Catalytic Opportunities

This #GivingTuesday, many of us are scratching our heads, wondering where our donations will be put to best work before the end of the US tax year. So we've enlisted our research team here at Founders Pledge to bring you: Catalytic Opportunities.

Transparent, effective, and neglected: Below you'll find a curated selection of some of the catalytic giving opportunities our research team will be recommending this holiday season - including a sneak peek at three recommended initiatives from new and upcoming reports. To learn more about how we research and find great charities, read through how we think about charity.

Disclaimer time! These are by no means the only great charities out there. But, we know you're all busy, so we're offering a digestible selection to peruse, that is still backed by in-depth research. Hope you enjoy!

The Coalition for Rainforest Nations


One of our top recommendations in climate change, this coalition collaborates with tropical governments and communities to conserve their rainforests - one of the most effective ways to limit carbon emissions. They've got an incredible track record: their leadership led to the United Nation’s REDD+ Mechanism that now protects around 90% of the world’s remaining rainforests. A $10,000 donation can enable one country to engage with new tools vital to reducing deforestation. Learn more.

The Government Partnership Initiative


This is our recommended giving opportunity in our new report on evidence-based policy – a crucial piece of the development puzzle. GPI helps governments create proven, systemic and lasting social change. A donation of $50,000 to GPI's competitive fund would enable them to run a pilot study of a government programme, or help a government decide whether to scale up a proven programme. Learn more.

Note! If you want to support this programme, donate to MIT's Poverty Action Lab here, and write "GPI" in the "in honor of" field before you make your donation!.

CISAC’s Biosecurity Initiative


This research centre at Stanford, recommended in our upcoming report on global catastrophic risk, is devoted to managing emerging biological risks. It's led by world-leading experts doing crucial work to help bolster our resilience against pandemics. A donation of $10,000 can support a research assistant at CISAC for 3 months, or power a seminar event on biosecurity with an outside speaker. Learn more.

Note! If you want to support this centre, input ‘Biosecurity Initiative’ in the 'special instructions' field on Stanford's donor page.

The Humane League

Good Food Institute sustinable food

In an upcoming report, our researchers show that factory farming is one of the most neglected problems within animal protection. The Humane League has an inspiring history of changing corporate practices, but they need support in tackling one of their biggest beasts yet: making McDonald's adopt a humane chicken welfare policy. Support their "I’m not lovin' it" campaign, and you could make a difference to the welfare of the 350 million chickens McDonald's purchases every year. Each dollar you donate will be doubled as part of a Giving Tuesday Matching Challenge! Learn More.

To learn more about how our research team identifies great giving opportunities, check out our methodology.

Originally published on 27 November 2018



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