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The next 100 years of climate change: your essential timeline

Any problem seems more manageable when you break it into smaller bits. So we drew a climate change timeline, complete with annotations by our researcher John.

Research-John agreed to help put this together only if I stress that climate change predictions deal with loads of variables so don't come for him if it doesn't unfold exactly like this, OKAY?! ok.

About research-John: John is a very clever guy on our research team, and his field of expertise is climate change and other existential risks. Before FP he taught philosophy at Oxford and worked for policy think tanks. Likes: tennis and quantification. Dislikes: spending money.

Click on the 'source' buttons scattered throughout and they will take you to the relevant references!

blablablablaDid we miss anything? Add links to any milestones we may have missed out in the comments below.

For a more in-depth exploration, check out our summary of the most important questions in the climate change debate.

Originally published on 27 September 2017



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