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Videoplaza Founder on What 5 Months of Charity Research Taught Him

When Sorosh decided to donate, he decided to do it thoroughly. After months of engaging and researching the charity sector, two organisations came out as winners.

We might be biased, as Sorosh (the founder of Videoplaza and all around lovely guy) spent 6 months with us as our NY entrepreneur in residence, but nonetheless we think Sorosh's write-up of how he donated is a must-read.

Sorosh set out a clear goal for what he wanted his donation to achieve, weighed up his option, and based his final decision on careful reasoning, evidence, scalability and future potential.

He's donating his pledge to two cash-transfer organisations: GiveDirectly - one of GiveWell's top rated charities, and Yari - A very promising Swedish organisation working with Iranian children. Both are using new technology and existing evidence to create scalable and tractable interventions.

Learn about how and why Sorosh made his decision, in his full blogpost.

Originally published on 12 June 2017



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