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How smart philanthropy makes for smart charity

A curation of ideas from the most innovative thinkers disrupting the charity sector, filmed at our annual forum.

1.Having social impact is not easy

Moonpig founder Nick Jenkins fell off a cliff whilst skiing and thought it was the end. Thankfully it turned out he was only winded. And it's a good job too, because what followed was a 7 year journey exploring the complexities of the charity sector, and in the process becoming one of the UK's leading philanthropists.

2. Why data may be more important than the warm glow

Giving feels good. Unfortunately what feels good isn't necessarily what does the most good. Nick Cooney explores the vital role of data in informing philanthropic decision making.

3. Agile, efficient, scalable: What charity can learn from tech-sector models

Why should smart start-up approaches be kept just for the private sector? Hear from the non-profit founders breaking the charity rule book.

Originally published on 6 October 2017

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