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Founders Pledge Forum 2017: Data-Driven Philanthropy

The only event in the start-up calendar that will feed your mind AND soul.

Held at the Grove Hotel in Watford, London, the Founders Pledge Forum will take place on June 16th, directly following Founders Forum.

Why Founders Pledge Forum?


Tech innovation has enabled one of the most profitable industries in the world, with solutions generated at a rapidly increasing rate and scale. It has become an unparalleled pool of talent, wealth, creativity and productivity.

Yet, this resource continues to overwhelmingly benefit a select minority of the world’s population, while doing little to help those in the world who need it most.

#FPF17 is a rare opportunity for the tech community to deep-dive into the complex world of social problems, and acknowledge that we have a collective responsibility to do more. A melting pot where the world’s most successful entrepreneurs connect with the heroes of the third sector, to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the planet.

This year, we will be exploring:

  • The latest news, research and movements at the intersection of charity and techology

  • How entrepreneurial skill and passion can be applied to solve social problems at global scale

  • Why start-ups, investing, and charity work aren’t all that different after all

  • How to identify and support the most impactful charity work being done at the moment

  • The exciting ways in which technology innovation can be applied for social good

Want to attend Founders Pledge Forum?

Pledgers - invites have been sent to your email. If you have an assistant who is trigger happy with the archive button, now is the time to search your inbox, and hit that ‘rsvp’. Places are limited and granted on a first come first serve basis.

Not a pledger? - Request a ticket. Whether you're an entrepreneur who wants to learn more about Founders Pledge, or work in a completely different sector, you can now request a ticket to the forum! Spaces are unfortunately limited, but we’ve put aside a couple of special tickets for someone who really wants to go.

A selection of our speakers

Founders Pledge Forum speakers Nick Jenkins

Founders Pledge Forum speakers Scott Harrison

Founders Pledge Forum speakers Will MacAskill

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We'll be sharing loads of updates about the forum in our monthly newsletter, which also happens to be a fantastic way to keep up with tech-for-good news and all thing Founders Pledge.

10/10 -- would recommend to a friend.

Originally published on 12 May 2017



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