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Can tech revolutionize human rights? | Oren Yakobovich

Seeing is believing: Videre uses tech innovation and covert video to break the impunity of human rights abusers.

We often take for granted our ability to share information and communicate our experiences in order to exercise our agency. But the truth is, only about 40% of the world has internet connectivity. Oren Yacobovitch, through his organisation Videre, is empowering marginalised voices in conflict zones around the world through access to technological innovation and infrastructure.

About Oren

Oren Yakobovich is a social entrepreneur working at the intersection of human rights and film-making. He co-founded Videre in 2008, an NGO equipping oppressed communities with customized technology to uncover information from places where media can't or won't go. Before founding Videre, Oren led the video department at the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem. At B’Tselem, he developed ‘Shooting Back,’ a video project that has trained hundreds of citizens in the West Bank to use cameras to fight for justice.

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Originally published on 8 March 2017

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