David Tenemaza Kramaley

Co-founder of Chessable Limited
I strongly believe in using business as a vehicle for doing good. Business creates better jobs, better working conditions, better pay; it can improve society step by step. By donating to charities via the pledge, I have one more way of doing good with my venture, and that makes me very happy.

David graduated with a Computer Science from Queen’s College, in New York. This tech background allowed him to found multiple companies. His first big venture was a social games company that at peak days had over 100,000 users. David is proud of the fact that some of his games actively gave to charity as part of the video game process, saving thousands of acres of real rainforest for years to come.

In his latest venture, as CEO and co-founder of Chessable, David has embarked on a mission to improve learning and education. Chessable's growth eventually earned the seal of approval of Chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen, and now Chessable and David are part of the Play Magnus Group, where David serves as CTO.

David almost exclusively donates to the Against Malaria Foundation due to it's proven impact and resourcefulness with the funds.

Total number of nets funded: 27,780
Total number of people protected: 50,004

More at www.chessable.com

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