Brynne Kennedy

Founder & CEO of MOVE Guides
"It is my privilege to be committing a share of my exit proceeds to causes that I feel strongly about. My current focus is on building MOVE Guides - helping 21st century organisations move people talent worldwide to solve global challenges - and creating value for our employees and shareholders. I am grateful that the Founders Pledge provides a platform to give back at exit, so I can now focus on leading MOVE Guides to success, and then contributing to the development and success of others through charitable donations."

Brynne Herbert is the founder & CEO of MOVE Guides. Under her leadership, MOVE Guides has grown from an idea to an award winning start-up working with the world’s largest companies & supporting moves across 6 continents. Brynne is part of London’s Tech City Insider 100 & the SV2UK 100 (CEOs of 100 top UK tech companies), & was nominated to the 2015 Google Award for Women in Digital. She is also a recognized subject matter expert on talent mobility, entrepreneurship & gender equality, & a registered Global Mobility Specialist with Worldwide ERC. Brynne has lived in the US, EMEA & APAC, & speaks 5 languages. Prior to starting MOVE Guides she worked as an investment banker at Lehman Brothers & Standard Chartered.

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