Tracy Holland

"If I can assist other women in knowing their worth, and provide access to the means needed to build a life of self reliance and independence, I have succeeded."

Tracy Holland is one of the leading innovators in the beauty and personal care industry as a key retail strategist and market development expert. As co-founder and CEO of HATCHBEAUTY, her background has led the company in both financial and business growth strategies. Offering best-in-class innovation and design, product development, and branding coupled with vertically-integrated testing and manufacturing capabilities, HATCHBEAUTY has approximately 135 employees, over 10 owned brands, and 20 retail partnerships. Tracy's expertise in the areas of national brand development and tactical sales planning have led to successful market launches along with domestic and international sales efforts for brands such as Nuance Salma Hayek, Orlando Pita Haircare, FOUND, Naturewell, Kristopher Buckle, and Costco’s Beauty’s Most Wanted prestige beauty strategy.

Tracy Holland is a member of YPO, and West Coast chairperson, as well as board member, of the beauty industry group, ICMAD. She is a member of The Committee of 200, (C200), an invitation-only membership organization of the world’s most successful women business leaders. A mother of three and Winner of Ernst & Young’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award 2017, Tracy continues to inspire women to push past cultural barriers and lead the way in business and tech.

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