Jessica Mah

Co-Founder & CEO of inDinero
It’s a privilege to be part of this inspiring community of founders who are all working to collectively create positive change for some of the biggest problems that we face as a society. I’ve found FP events to be fascinating and fun in equal measure, bringing together the voices of impressive entrepreneurs and change-makers on the front lines. I've always committed a portion of my income to charity and have found their approach to research to be thought-provoking and incredibly helpful in navigating the non-profit sector, which is not an easy feat. With the support of Founders Pledge, I know I will be able to really maximize the impact that I can have in the areas that I care about most.

Jessica's passion for helping other entrepreneurs led her to launch inDinero in 2010. As CEO, she sets our vision and shares the inDinero story across the globe. Jessica has been featured in Forbes and Inc. Magazine's 30 Under 30 Lists.

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