Climate Change Fund

Climate Fund

This Fund is used to make grants to organisations working to tackle climate change. This includes those working on advancing both technological and natural solutions, as well as advocacy for policy that supports these solutions on a large scale. The Fund managers are responsible for identifying organisations that are able to effect real change in a cost-effective way.

History and Balance

The Climate Change Fund is a brand new project from Founders Pledge. This section will be updated as it progresses. We will be making our first grants in January 2021.

Fund Managers

John Halstead

John joined Founders Pledge in 2017 from a background in policy think tanks and academia. He has a doctorate in political philosophy from Oxford and taught philosophy at the Blavatnik School of Government in Oxford. Following that, he moved to the Global Priorities Project, working as a researcher on global catastrophic risk.

Johannes Ackva

Johannes joined the research team in autumn 2019. He brings five years of experience working in a think tank advising decision makers on climate policy and has also researched the intersection between effective and feasible climate policies.

Johannes holds a M.A. in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago and a M.Sc. in Sociology with a focus on research methods from the Interuniversity Centre for Social Science Theory and Methodology from the University of Groningen.

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