The Climate Change Fund

Fund Objective:

To sustainably reach net-zero emissions globally

Current levels of emissions are contributing to millions of deaths annually from air pollution and causing irrevocable damage to our planet. In addition, millions worldwide do not have access to modern energy technology, severely hampering development goals.

This Fund is committed to finding and funding sustainable solutions to the emissions crisis that still allow growth, freeing millions from the prison of energy poverty.

The Fund is a philanthropic co-funding vehicle that does not provide investment returns.

Our Giving Strategy

Plan for the Year

Policy leadership and paradigm shaping: The dissemination of policy ideas is one of few ways in which countries with a small share of emissions can have outsized impact.

Accelerating the innovation of neglected-yet-critical technologies: A significant number of deep decarbonisation technologies require additional innovation for mass deployment.


Advocacy to avoid carbon lock-in in emerging economies: By funding charities in countries where emissions rise, we can help avoid locking in carbon-intensive trajectories.

Supporting the growth of promising organizations: In a field with surging funding, investing to scale promising organizations is critical to meet the moment.

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