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Empowering Altruism

We are a global community of entrepreneurs. Together, we're finding and funding solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

We champion evidence-led and thoughtful approaches to impact.

By equipping our members with charity research, streamlined giving infrastructure, and a global network of experts to learn from, we’re empowering them to bring their resources to the global problem solving table.

Why Founders Pledge

It starts with a commitment,
but it's much more.

On joining, every member makes a binding pledge to donate a portion of their personal proceeds on liquidity to charity. We are a uniquely committed community, and every member has access to the tools needed for strategic giving.


Explore the issues you care about in the company of world-leading experts and members from 28 countries. Our intimate events gather the voices at the frontier of social change to educate on evidence-driven impact strategies.


Elevate your impact with bespoke guidance from our charity research team. We identify the most transparent, high-leverage giving opportunities around the world, tailored to your unique values.


Ours is the only zero-cost, end-to-end solution for charitable giving. Built for entrepreneurs, you can think of it as a family office for your philanthropy, with complete administrative support and a Donor Advised Fund.

Why now?

By joining now you send a powerful signal to the startup ecosystem: impactful giving should be the norm, not the exception.

Lock in Your Intention

By making a pledge you lock in your intention to do good, and hold yourself accountable to your most important values and ideals.

Start Your Journey

Impactful philanthropy doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and work. By starting your learning journey now, you'll be uniquely equipped when the time comes to give.

A Proven Approach

Our community demonstrates the ability and willingness of tech leaders to collectively apply their resources, passion, and tenacity towards solving global challenges.

$9.32 billion

Total Value Pledged


Total Value Pledged

$891 million

Fulfilled Commitments


Fulfilled Commitments

1776 members

In 39 Countries



% For Good

Our operations are funded by visionary founders including members, philanthropists, and institutions. There are zero fees, hidden costs, or cuts involved in membership: 100% of your donation goes straight to the causes you care about.

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